Guaranteed Market Rent / Reliable Tenants / No Management Fees

Property Peaks provide a complete property management service to landlords and we charge no commission or management fees. We are reliable, professional and friendly. Our landlords love what we do; our agents enjoy working with us; our tenants are happy and most stay long term.

Are we Estate Agent?

No. We are not.
Property Span rent properties from landlords and provide accommodation to professionals. We manage your property effectively, while giving you the freedom of NOT having to deal with tenants and estate agents.

Are we Property Managers?

Yes, we would be signing a 2-3 year contract with you to take charge of your property.
This will ensure that your property will be 100% managed for the whole of the period and you will receive a guaranteed rent every month, regardless of the house occupancy. You will not have to worry about finding tenants or leaving your property unoccupied for long periods. We do the maintenance on the property, and we will be the ones taking midnight phone calls from tenants. Keeping our tenants happy and collecting their rents, will be Property Peaks responsibility. That’s why we believe that we are landlord’s Perfect Tenant.

Do you pay the deposit?

We pay you a 4-6 week deposit, and we take a 6 week deposits from each tenant as well. Their deposits are securely registered with Deposit Protection Scheme(DPS).

How long do I have to wait before you start paying me rent?

Property Peaks will be paying you rent right away.
We are your tenant and we will start paying rent right after we signed the agreement.

How the house maintenance would be handled?

As the landlord, you will be responsible financially for the usual things a landlord is responsible for.
As the property managers we’ll do most of the legwork, unless you as a landlord would want to get involved yourself. We will always provide you with a quote prior to carrying out any work and we will arrange access so you do not have to get involved. We’ll handle the logistics, and pass through the expense. If there are little things to be taken care, we usually don’t bother you.

If I have my handyman, can you use him?

Of course.
We don;t mind to use your contractors to carry out works on your property. We would prefer that they would be legally certified and fully insured.

What are the charges for your services?

We don’t charge our landlors any fees.
Property Peaks manages the property but does not charge any commission or management fees. Our profit comes from the tenants, it’s a differential between the rent we pay you and rent we collect from tenants.( Some maintenance expenses are passed through; see below).

What happens if tenant miss the rent payment?

You will always receive your payment.
If tenant doesn’t pay or is late with his/her payment, it doesn’t affect you as a landlord. This is something for us to deal on our end.

What happens if tenants damage my property?

We are your tenant and we’ll be dealing with it according to the problem.
If something happens at the property that is caused by our tenants (e.g., a broken table) then we will cover the cost ourselves. If we believe the problem is beyond the scope of our responsibility (e.g., the boiler breaks down), we will let you know and suggest the solutions.

What kind of contract i will be signing with Property Peaks?

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) and Consent To Let.
We would become your sole tenant for a period of 2/3 years and have an authority to manage the property on your behalf. Our tenants typically sign 6-12 months tenancy agreements, and extend from there. We prefer long-term tenants who will form a tight knit household and only on rare occasions we may negotiate a shorter tenancy if they are on a temporary work contract, etc.

What type of tenants will be living in my property?
Career oriented professionals.
All tenants will be professionals only in their 20-30s. Sometimes we have young professionals who have work placements or postgraduate students. All our tenants are credit checked, and referenced. We limit the number of tenants living at a property – usually it is a single occupant in each bedroom though sometimes there may be one couple living in a property, if the room is ensuite or if there are sufficient amenities.
Where do you find your tenants and how do you choose them?

We have relationships with companies and their HR departments, who provide us with reliable and honest tenants. We advertise through our website as well.
We have a strict selection process: we use online company to do reference/credit check. Professionals are required to provide 6 weeks deposit, their employers details, payslips, NI number, and copy of passport or driving license. We also take up references from their employers. If he landlord wants to know who will be residing in the property, we are happy to provide final reports for the successful tenants for information only.

Who will be paying my rent?

Property Peaks as we are your tenant.
We would setup a direct debit, so every month the money would be transfered from our account directly to yours.